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Art & Cooking
Summer Camp
Aug 7 to Aug 11
9AM to 1:30PM

Where creativity, cooking and the great outdoors are combined for a wonderful fun learning environment

Monday 8/7/2023

 9:00   Arrival & Check in circle

 9:30   Make snacks together - veggies & dips

10:00 Build giant marble lane, paint cans & sow seeds

11:00 Art at the Beach

12:30 Cook lunch

          Fresh made pasta with sauce & veggies

 1:30 Pick up

Wednesday 8/9/2023

 9:00   Arrival & Check in circle

 9:30  Make snacks together - energy balls

10:00 DIY projects

11:00 Scavenger hunt

12:00 Cook lunch - Soup 

 1:30 Pick up

Tuesday 8/8/2023

 9:00   Arrival & Check in circle

 9:30   Make snacks together

            - fresh juice, crackers & hummus

10:00 Nature art

11:00 Cook picnic lunch 

12:00 Picnic outing... visit the sea lions

 1:30 Pick up

Thursday 8/10/2023

 9:00   Arrival & Check in circle

 9:30   Make snacks together - fruit salad

10:00 Art/Painting

11:00 Beach Play

12:30 Cook lunch -  Wrap sandwiches

 1:30 Pick up

Friday 8/11/2023

 9:00  Arrival & Check in circle

 9:30  Make snacks together - smoothie

10:00 Art Stations & Story Telling

11:30 School Yard Play

12:30 Cook lunch - Poffertjes

 1:30  Pick up

I am a native of the Netherlands, but moved to the Bay Area about 15 years ago, where I now live with my German husband, 2 daughters and dog Nacho. I have received a bachelor’s degree of arts in the Netherlands and have worked my whole life with children and with families who need additional support.
Currently I am working as an art teacher in a school serving children with autism, and as a preschool teacher for the German Saturday school in San Francisco. As a child, I have always been a little environmentalist, and I still feel very passionate about this topic. I believe that outdoor learning through play and experimenting is the best and fun way for a child to grow.
I met Polly at a farm here in Alameda where we both are volunteers. Both being passionate about growing and eating healthy sustainable food, we decided to work together and create cooking lessons for kids, to pass our beliefs and knowledge on to the next generation. And I am super excited to run this summer camp together.

I was born in Busan, South Korea and immigrated to the US as a child and grew up in Queens, NY.

I've been cooking professionally for many years, started in NYC and moved to CA and have experiences running restaurants, catering companies and corporate dining facilities.  Some highlights... I've cooked at the James Beard house in NYC, opened and grew the culinary team at Pinterest and worked with many celebrity chefs. 

I believe that the key to a healthy body and planet is by choosing our ingredients well and cooking wholesome foods at home.  I am passionate about sharing my culinary knowledge so that everyone can enjoy a great meal at home. 

I am excited to partner with Marije and work with children to cook and appreciate food.

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