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SF Bay Area

Private chef services for effortless entertaining at home and cooking classes in my kitchen or yours. Because cooking from scratch with the best ingredients is essential.

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About Me

I became a chef to pursue my passion of making food, feeding people and bringing joy. I worked kitchens in NYC and CA. Cooked at the James Beard House and with celebrity chefs. Had a career as a corporate chef for Compass Group and built the culinary team for Pinterest... I've come full circle, back to the basics.  Basics of cooking.

I'm cooking for friends throwing parties and teaching people recipes to nurture techniques and confidence. I'm bringing to companies my expertise of improving performance and sustainability.

Born in Busan, South Korea, I immigrated to the states with my family as a child. Grew up in Queens NY, the truest melting pot of them all.  Surrounded by so many cultures formed my love of world flavors. My career has taught me the importance of local ingredients and sustainable purchasing. And that forms the chef I am today.  I love mixing traditional with the new and always veg forward with high quality proteins.  

How can I help? I invite you to contact me with your culinary needs. 


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